Australia Tourist Attractions: Best Places to Visit in Australia


The world’s largest island and the smallest continent, Australia is a traveller’s paradise. From being home to some of the quirkiest wildlife and revered tales of the aboriginal tribes, Australia is a complete package with its picturesque rain forests,coral reefs, red-earthed national parks, stunning beaches, and scorching deserts. Here are all the thrilling and blissful places to visit in Australia for your next vacation Down Under!

1. Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, the Great Ocean road is considered to be one of the most best driven roads in the world.

Things to see: Otway National Park,Port Campbell National Park, picturesque rain forest, hiking trails and scenic waterfalls. If you’re lucky enough, you could even spot some of Australia’s famous wildlife including kangaroos and emus.

2. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site, is Australia’s largest national park. Second largest in the world.

Things to see: 300 different species of birds, aboriginal rock art, magnificent waterfalls, rivers, gorges, mangrove swamps as well as a fantastic diversity of wildlife including wallabies, saltwater crocodiles and dingoes.

3. Blue Mountains National Park

The beautiful Blue Mountains National Park – another UNESCO World Heritage Site – is a popular day trip from Sydney. 

4. Fraser Island

Fraser Island, just a short ferry trip from Hervey Bay, is the largest sand island in the world and a major part of Australia sightseeing.

5. Uluru

One of the largest monoliths in the world, Uluru or Ayers Rock is another important Australia tourist attraction. 

6. Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a combination of a contemporary art gallery, historical art museum and heritage park. 

7. Harbor Bridge, Sydney

Among the most celebrated Australia tourist attractions, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a must-visit

8. Opera House, Sydney

Flanked by the scenic Harbor Bridge and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular Australian tourist attractions. 

9.Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art

Tasmania Museum of Old and New Art is one of Australia’s quirkiest museums. While it is accessible by road or by plane, a 30 minute ferry ride from Hobart is the popular way to this museum. 

10. Carlton Gardens

Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building are the two Australia tourist attractions listed among World Heritage sites.

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